About Peak Results

Peak Results provides high quality configuration and method development services for gas chromatographers in the Refining, PetroChemical, and Energy markets.  Using state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge innovations, we craft proven, reliable configurations which will meet your analytical needs.

Method Development Services

Peak Results provides basic gas chromatography (GC) method development services in your lab or in ours.  Simple optimizations may be performed in your facility.  Our services can be used to reduce analysis times, obtain lower quantification limits, perform recalibrations, or increase operator ease of use of the gas chromatographs in  your laboratory.  More complex formulations of new methods for GC analyses may require the addition of configuration services or more intensive study at our facility.  Strategic use of our personnel allows you to target GC methods solutions while countering restricted or reduced laboratory personnel resources.

Configuration Services and Turn-Key Systems

Tell us about your analysis requirements, and we will suggest a configuration to meet your needs.  Typical Standard Configurations include Refinery Gas and Liquids Analyses, Natural Gas and Liquids Analyses, Analyses of impurities in monomer-grade ethylene, propylene, or butenes, analyses of Chemical-grade mixtures of light hydrocarbons, Flue Gas analyses, Trace Sulfur analyses, and most Reformulated Fuel Gasoline (RFG) analyses.

Peak Results also provides installation and plumbing services to configure GC systems based on your specifications.  We provide specialized parts and labor at competitive prices.

Consulting and Training

Peak Results makes consulting services available to help you solve short-term GC problems and to advise you on long-term solutions or requirements based upon your company’s objectives.  Sample-handling challenges, advice on plumbing a laboratory for GC use, or diagnosing a specific GC analytical problem and identifying possible solutions are within the scope of our capabilities.  We will provide you with counsel based upon experience specific to GC issues and the PetroChemical industry.  We also provide Basic Valved Gas Chromatography seminars at your facility or at another location upon request.  Course costs are based on the number of students and the course curriculum which you choose for the students.  Lab sessions can be incorporated and are optional.

Experience and Personnel

Lynn Hunter is the CEO and operator of Peak Results. She brings nearly 30 years of Valved Chromatography experience to the position.  Lynn graduated from Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado, in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering.  Her first industry-related position was as a Product Specialist for the Carle Instrument line, owned at that time by Hach Company in Loveland, Colorado.  She was mentored by several great chromatographers and business people and raised in the “Carle” tradition to use valves and multiple columns to perform complex analyses using multi-dimensional techniques.  After spending 5 years at Hach, Lynn went on to help found and establish Wasson-ECE Instrumentation, Inc., where she spent 8 years.  Inspired and motivated to find ways to improve quality (in all aspects) and customer service, Lynn relocated in 1997 to League City, Texas, and founded the company which has become Peak Results.

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